Aaron McCarty, owner of Ancient Earth Bamboo specializes in bamboo implementation, management, sales and maintenance. Aaron is a student of Keiji Oshima of Haiku Bamboo Nursery in Hendersonville, NC.  Keiji gained his knowledge about bamboo from the renowned Dr. Koichiro Ueda of Japan.  Dr. Ueda was given the distinguished honor of “National Treasure” from the Japanese government and was given the nickname “Dr. Bamboo”.  Aaron continues to provide his clients the knowledge and expertise of Dr. Koichiro Ueda, through his mentor, Keiji Oshima.

Dr. Koichiro Ueda; “Bamboo: The Giant Grass”-National Geographic Magazine

Ancient Earth Bamboo (AEB) is located in Boiling Springs, SC.  AEB has implemented bamboo landscaping for homeowners with their very own private mountaintop in Todd, NC and for homeowners living next to a winery in Troutman, NC. We cultivate and have access to many different varieties of bamboo for the landscape, and we know how to responsibly control its spread. If you want bamboo in your landscape, if you need help controlling it, or if you are just interested in the culture of bamboo, we can help!

Please give us a call to discuss any of your bamboo related needs at (864)415-2243.  Aaron will be speaking at a number of upcoming public events, which you may be interested in attending to get to know him and his expertise.  These events can be found on the Ancient Earth Bamboo Facebook Page.

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